Angelo Being

Who am I?

I AM, Other words that I would use do not come close to who we really are but to make it as simple as possible: I AM the observer of thoughts and emotions and this is the Consciousness.

The name which is given to me in the world of form is Angelo and I was born in the Netherlands. Until the age of 23 I lived a normal life in the eyes of society and the outside world . Anyway, I was not happy and I had a burn out after playing roles for many years. Looking back, this was the best gift the universe could give to me. I started to discover new roads and followed lessons in a philosophic Institute and meditation center, I got in touch with spiritual teachers as well as meditation teachers. I started to read and studied many books about introspections, awakening, religions and meditation.

Step by step I woke up and at the age of 29 years I decided to follow my new signals. I quit my job, left my house, sold my car and ended some of my previous relations. My new journey had started and my inner BEING awoke and became clearer. I travelled for a long time as a backpacker throughout South East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia. In Cambodia I stayed and I lived 4 years close to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. What a great energy! I wrote a book and I was a meditation teacher. After this experience, I returned to Europe to publish my book ‘Terug naar Huis’ - (Back Home) while I was living in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. In the meanwhile I stepped again in the world of form and became succesfull in the outside world. I was manager at an international sports company and jumped to become a store manager and jumped into commercial director of cycling, but lost myself. Again I decided to I quit again all certainties and I moved to the south of Spain, in the province of Malaga. There I had an deep awakening  experience in a way that made me decide to create Angelo Being. I am more deeply connected to who I am and understand at an energetic level what it means to be able to live and to be free.

Every person has a unique journey of life. After years of studying, practising and travelling I discovered my new paths to peace, harmony and pure happiness. Every day life gives us exactly what we need at the right moment in time by knowing that time doesn’t exist.

My teachings and energy is coming from my heart and the light source itself. There is where we are now, we will be in the future and and furthermore always will be. You also have a right to BE as well.